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Hi, my name is Kim Knoch, and I am the face behind the Nourishing Cook.  In October 2006, I stumbled upon Sally Fallon Morell’s and Mary Enig’s wonderful cookbook ‘Nourishing Traditions’. It is so much more than a cookbook, it’s really also a nutrition and traditional cooking primer! Since then I have attempted to move my home over to the traditional way of cooking, with varied success. I have wanted to take on the challenge of cooking through all 771 of Sally’s recipes. I’m not sure how long it will take, or how many I will be able to do, but I’m up for the challenge!

To read about the premise behind the Nourishing Cook and about my rating system, please go here.

Nutrient-dense eating is personally important to me because I need all of the nutrients that I can get.  I had weight loss surgery in 2001 and lost 200 pounds, and as a result of that became severely anemic and had a shortage of other vitamins and minerals in my blood.  ‘Nourishing Traditions’ got my eating back on track.  For awhile, I made sure that everything that I put in my mouth was the best quality that it could be.  It worked, and my anemia has been corrected and my vitamin/mineral levels are normal, partly due to the methods that I talk about in this blog.  I am not a fanatic about eating the ‘right’ food all of the time, that kind of behavior just stresses me out.  But if I’m eating healthy home-cooked meals 80% of the time, that is an amazing thing for me, and a huge improvement.

My goal with this blog is to learn more about cooking, learn how to incorporate the traditional diet more into my lifestyle so that it becomes a habit.  I am wanting to share what I’m learning and I don’t judge what others are doing.  There is not ‘one’ right answer, we all have a path that we need to find.  Take what you like, and leave the rest!


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