What is ‘4 Forks’ Rating?

Every meal/dish will get a rating based on who in my family liked it.  If you have similar eaters in your family to what I describe below, you may know ahead of time if the recipe will work for you or not.  One (or more) forks will be absent from the post if one or more family members did not prefer the recipe.  A ‘4 forks up’ rating means that all 4 family members liked the recipe and would eat it again.

Kim (pink fork) = loves vegetables, meat, ‘weird food’, soups/stews… ok most everything including liver. Favorite foods:  kim chi, anything with curry, Pho soup, fresh tomatoes and strawberries, vanilla-anything. Motto:  “I’ll try anything once or even twice”

DH (darling husband – blue fork) = Super meat eater.  Could exist on dairy products alone.  American chinese food lover, Nalley’s canned chili.  Favorite foods: ice cream, BEEF, bacon, ham, beef with bacon on it, extra sharp Tillamook cheese.  Motto: “Everything is better with bacon”

DD1 (13 yo darling daughter – left purple fork) = loves onions and any savory foods including most vegetables. Prefers chicken over other meat, does not like seafood.  Not a milk drinker but loves strawberry ice cream.  Likes curry.  Favorite foods: spaghetti, onions, coconut curry, chicken soup, candy, cookies, ice cream. Motto: “Did you get me a Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream or a Thai curry?”

DD2 (13 yo darling daughter – right violet fork) = could exist on cheese, milk and white bread/rice products. Prefers carbs over proteins.  Does not like anything ‘weird’.  Will not eat eggs unless they’re in something.  Does not like ‘chunks’ of things in her food such as vegetables.  Will eat salad and broccoli though. Favorite foods:  Thai rice noodles with garlic sauce (Pad Siew Ew), mac & cheese, quesadillas.  Motto: “Sweet dreams are made of Cheese”

Empty Plate Award

Empty Plate Award

In addition to the ‘4 forks up’ rating system, we also have a special award for those recipes that will become a new family favorite.  It is called the ‘Empty Plate’ award and will be very rare indeed, but we are looking forward to awarding this!!!


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[…] What is ‘4 Forks’ Rating? […]

[…] What is ‘4 Forks’ Rating? […]

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